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Participating in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Make In India & Skill India are JECI's top priority

With aspiring youth's population and intellectual workforce, India promises the world with one of the best destinations of quality human resources for India's development and also for global business operators to leverage and support their businesses from India. In JECI, we would like to contribute to India's growth story by sharing the knowledge of Japanese excellence and quality process to India's youth for addressing to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Make In india & Skill India initiative of India. For doing so, JECI is actively advocating the following:

  • Continous engagement with the K-12 Schools

  • Continous engagement with colleges & Vocational Institutes

  • Closely working & perticipating with Industry Associations

  • Inviting students and educators to Japan on a routine basis

  • Closely working with knowledge leaders so that we are informed properly for rendering quality services in a timely manner in the education space for Japan and India.  


Program offered by JECI for kindergarten children from 3 years are designed with India’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to aware and assist children to identify parameters of cleanliness. Read More ...


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan program is offered to schools in India for Grade 1 to Grade 12 based on proven cleaning curriculum adopted for students in Japanese schools.

Read More ...


Programs offered by JECI is a good fit as it coincides with the skiils needed for "MAKE IN INDIA" and "SKILL INDIA" initiative of the Govt. of India. Read More ...


The program suits best for individuals with some work experience and with

educational background like knowing basic Japanese language skills. Read More ... 

JECI Unveils Innovative & Interactive Online Japanese Language Program for High Schools and College students.

JECI is delighted to announce the launch of its innovative online flipped Japanese language program, specifically designed for high school and college students. This comprehensive program offers courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels for Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and Japan Foundation Test (JFT) featuring a 100% native Japanese curriculum and certification from Japan. By adopting a blended classroom approach with a flipped environment, we've successfully reduced conventional learning time by 60% and costs by 90%, making high-quality Japanese language education more accessible and efficient than ever before.

High School Program

Designed specifically for high school students

College Program

Tailored for college and vocational institute students

Workforce Program

Geared towards individuals coming to Japan primarily for work purposes

Group Learning

Suitable for groups of learners with similar goals

Read More ...

Check JECI's Popular Active Learning Programs

The programs are designed in such a way that every participants in these programs will get the most out of Japan with a lasting impression for life.

Student Exchange Program To Japan For High School Students

Active learning program designed by JECI is another step forward with a focus to engage students in learning those areas which are useful for student’s life.

Industry Visit To Japan For School, College & University Students 

Industry visits provide valuable real-world insights offering firsthand experience of how concepts taught in the classroom are applied in practical settings

Study, Work And Live in Japan Program For Vocational And Higher Education Students

Japan's declining population is a known fact. Japan needs work force to work in Japan. Our program suits for those who has specific skill & some work experience.

Courses To Address Swachh Bharat, Make In India & Skill India

We have structured our programs in such a way that it helps students with different levels of expertize on the subject, right from a beginner to an expert. We cover it all.

Reinvent Yourself:

Discover the Rewards of a Lifetime Opportunity


Active Leaning Student Exchange Program for High Schools Students to Japan

The program involves active participation in the Japanese schools by experimentally involving in learning certain aspects which are strengths of students of India and Japan. This mechanism will assist students in higher order thinking which will last lifelong. Read More ...


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Program for Schools in India

The program is offered to the students from Nursery 1 to Grade 12 using Japanese proven systems of cleanliness used in schools of Japan. The program is available to schools starting from news school year. Please get in touch with us for details. Read More ...


Japanese Language Program for 6, 7 & 8 Grades

100% Native Japanese language program is offered in flipped platform over smart classroom with certification from Japan. The program is designed to prepare for university entrance to Japan. Read More ...


Admission Guidance to Japanese University for Schools Students

We handhold schools and assist with details knowledge so that students upon completing 12th grade can successfully get admissions in the Japanese University. Japanese Universities are rated very high in Global ranking index with affordable fees. Read More ...


Industry Visits for Senior Year Schools Students

Industry visits are offered within Japanese businesses to high school students from Grade 8 onward. Visits to Japan is part of the program. The program gives insights to students about Japanese excellence in business and Technology for which Japan is known worldwide. Read More ...


JECI For Kindergarten

It is vital that the children in the kindergarten years are taught to identify wasteful activities. JECI for kindergarten is the right solution to address Swachhta in children prior to transiting into mainstream school system. Read More ...


Japanese Festivals

JECI engages Japanese festivals in schools and colleges. This gives students an opportunity to learn about Japanese culture in their institutions and also makes friends with local Japanese expats living in India. Read More ...


Intellectual & Cultural Exchanges

JECI is actively involved in engaging people to people, people to business and business to industry between Japan and India. As a part of the effort, different exchange programs are offered continuously to strengthen both intellectual and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Read More ...


Japan Inbound Tours for Industry Bodies!

" Inbound tours organized by JECI for Industry Associations provide professionals within a specific industry with an invaluable opportunity to explore, creatre contacts and learn from different industries in Japan.." Read More ...

Japan Outbound Tours for Industry Bodies!

" Outbound tours organized by JECI for Industry Associations provide professionals within a specific industry with an invaluable opportunity to explore, creatre contacts and learn from different industries in India." Read More ...

Industry Supported Internship Program

" Our industry-supported internship program for is designed to provide students or recent graduates from India & Japan with valuable hands-on experience and exposure within a specific industry in India and Japan. " Read More ...

Industry Supported Placement Opportunity

" Through our industry-supported placement, students have the chance to work alongside professionals, observe real-world operations, and apply their academic knowledge to solve actual industry challenges." Read More ...

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