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The program is well-suited for Japanese individuals enrolled in vocational colleges, traditional colleges or university programs, or those with some work experience, aspiring to establish a career within companies engaged in business activities between Japan and India. We invite individuals with the following educational backgrounds to explore the opportunities offered by this program:

Vocational courses certificate holders  Currently attending vocational college

 Persuing University Degree

Fresh Graduate and looking to start a career

 Can read, write and speak English Langauge effectively in daily conversation situation

   A strong desire to work in business enviroment that connects Japan & India.

An Overview

The Internship Program for Japanese in India is a collaborative initiative of JECI with companies and industry aimed at fostering cross-cultural exchange and professional development between Japan and India. This program facilitates Japanese individuals, students or young professionals, to gain practical work experience in various industries across India. Participants are typically placed in companies or organizations relevant to their field of study or professional interest.

The program emphasizes hands-on learning, cultural immersion, and the exchange of knowledge between Japanese interns and their Indian counterparts. Participants engage in meaningful projects, acquiring practical skills and insights into the Indian work environment. Cultural activities and language training are often integrated to enhance the overall experience and promote a deeper understanding of Indian culture and society.

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  • **Industry-specific Placements:** Participants are matched with internship opportunities aligned with their academic background or professional goals.

  • **Professional Development:** Interns receive mentorship and guidance, contributing to their skill enhancement and career growth.

  • **Cross-cultural Exposure:** Cultural activities, workshops, and language training sessions are included to facilitate a deeper understanding of India's cultural diversity.

  • **Networking Opportunities:** Interns have the chance to build professional networks, fostering relationships with both Indian and fellow Japanese professionals.

  • **Project-based Learning:** The program focuses on practical, project-based learning, allowing interns to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world context.

  • **Internship Duration:** The internship program typically spans a duration of 1 year, providing trainees with ample time and opportunities to engage in the projects to which they are assigned, facilitating meaningful learning experiences.

  • **Stipend-based Learning:** The sponsored intern will receive a minimum remuneration of Rs. 7.80 lakhs per annum as par rule by the Government of India. However, there is no minimum salary requirement for internships offered by educational institutions and NGOs which can be lower in most cases.

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    Step 1

    Click here to submit online application. Select the check box "INTERNSHIP PROGRAM FOR JAPANESE IN INDIA" at the time of submitting application.

    Step 2

    After the initial screening of your application, we will reach out to you to schedule either an in-person visit or a Google Meet session for a personal interview, which will be followed by a written test. Please allocate sufficient time, as the test and interview combined will take approximately 120 minutes.

    Step 3

    Upon successfully passing the test and interview, an applicant will receive a comprehensive application program kit to facilitate the processing of their application for "INTERNSHIP PROGRAM FOR JAPANESE IN INDIA".

    Step 4

    Applicants must submit all components of the application kit, along with the corresponding application processing fees.

    Step 5

    We will transmit all components of the application kit that you have provided to selected companies in India that are eager to recruit interns matching their requirements.

    Step 6

    Upon selection of your profile by the company, we will coordinate a Google Meet interview between you and the Indian company interested in recruiting an intern with a profile like yours.

    Step 7

    If you are chosen for the internship position by the Indian company, they will provide you with an official letter of internship appointment.

    Step 8

    Once you have received the official letter of internship appointment, you must visit the Embassy of India in Japan with all the required documentation to apply for the Internship (I) Visa for India. The document checklist is provided in the comprehensive application program kit (please refer to "Step 3"). We will guide you with the Visa application process.

    Step 9

    Upon your arrival in India, both JECI officials and representatives from the company that has hired you for the intership program will facilitate a seamless transition for you. This assistance encompasses an orientation of the company that has hired you, guidance on housing, local phone connections, insights into local transportation, routine supervision, assistance and support during your stay in India, among other services.

    It is expected that interns attend their company on a full-time basis during the period of the internship. Should you aspire to pursue full time job upon sucessful completion of your intership program in India, JECI will extend assistance in finding a full-time job.


To express your interest in the "INTERNSHIP PROGRAM FOR JAPANESE IN INDIA",

please submit the online inquiry form below. 

Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will reach out to you. Thank you.

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