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The industry visit of Indian high school students to Japanese companies in India provides a unique learning opportunity for participants to gain firsthand exposure to Japanese business practices, corporate culture, and industry innovations. Organized by JECI in participation with companies and industry associations, these visits aim to inspire students, broaden their horizons, and cultivate an appreciation for lifelong learning.


  • **Company Tours:** Participants embark on guided tours of Japanese companies operating in various sectors, including automotive, electronics, manufacturing, and services. They have the opportunity to observe production processes, learn about product development, and interact with company representatives to understand the business operations and organizational structure.

  • **Educational Workshops:** Students engage in educational workshops and seminars conducted by industry experts, managers, and professionals. These sessions cover topics such as quality management, lean manufacturing, innovation, and corporate social responsibility, providing valuable insights into Japanese business principles and management strategies.

  • **Interactive Sessions:** Students participate in interactive sessions and Q&A discussions with company executives and employees, allowing them to ask questions, share ideas, and learn from real-world experiences. These interactions foster critical thinking, communication skills, and a deeper understanding of global business dynamics.

  • **Career Exploration:** The industry visit provides students with insights into various career paths and opportunities in different industries. They gain exposure to diverse job roles, responsibilities, and skill requirements, helping them make informed decisions about their future career paths and educational pursuits.

  • **Personal Development:** The industry visit promotes personal growth and development by encouraging students to step out of their comfort zones, adapt to new environments, and embrace cultural diversity. Through hands-on experiences and immersive learning activities, students develop valuable skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership, which are essential for success in the global marketplace.

  • Overall, the industry visit of Indian high school students to Japanese companies in India serves as a catalyst for inspiration, learning, and personal growth, empowering students to become global citizens and future leaders in the ever-evolving world of business and industry.

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