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jeci for kindergarten (nursery 1 to upper kg)



Safety and hygiene are our top priority

Providing a foundation for children to grasp the knowledge of recognizing the elements that contribute to SWACHHATA  (cleanliness), or in other words, "SWAYAM ACHHA," is essential. JECI's program, tailored for kindergarten children aged 3 years and above, aligns with India's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. It aims to raise awareness and help children identify issues pertaining to the following areas:

  • Safety, Security, Health & Hygiene.

  • Segregation of wastes, Conservation of energy & Environment.

  • Cooperate, Respecting and accommodating others & Support others to grow as a team.

  • To abide by social ethics and values.

Cleanliness Awareness

Instilling cleanliness awareness in kindergarten children, sowing the seeds for a lifelong habit of hygiene and a healthier tomorrow.


Nurturing teamwork in kindergarten, fostering collaboration and friendship to build a foundation for future success.

Doing Work With Pride

Instilling pride in little hearts as they embark on every task, fostering a sense of accomplishment in our kindergarten's youngest achievers!

Observing & Identifying

Nurturing young minds to observe and identify the wonders around them, sparking curiosity and a love for learning in kindergarten explorers.

A step towards cleanliness, एक कदम स्वछता की ओर.

These attributes will enable children to seamlessly transition into mainstream schooling at the age of 6, fostering impressive and contributing personalities. These individuals will not only bring pride to their kindergarten but will also contribute to shaping a skillful generation that will influence the future world.


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