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EJU SUPPORT program (GRADES 8 TO 12)

Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students

EJU, An opportunity that every high school student should consider exploring.

The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) serves as a crucial gateway for non-native Japanese speakers seeking to pursue higher education in Japan. Its comprehensive evaluation structure, emphasis on language proficiency, and role in university admission underscore its significance in facilitating the academic journey of international students.

As Japan continues to attract students from around the world, the EJU remains a key instrument in ensuring that these students are well-prepared and equipped for success in Japanese academic environments.



  • The EJU serves as a comprehensive examination that assesses the academic preparedness of international students for university-level education in Japan. Comprising multiple subjects, it aims to gauge proficiency in Japanese, mathematics, science, and other relevant fields. The successful completion of the EJU is often a prerequisite for admission to Japanese universities, making it a critical step in the academic journey of international students.


  • Given that many international students may not be native Japanese speakers, the language proficiency section of the EJU holds particular significance. This segment assesses reading and listening comprehension as well as writing skills in Japanese. A strong performance in this section not only reflects the ability to navigate a Japanese academic environment but also signals effective communication skills necessary for daily life in Japan.


  • A favorable EJU score is often a prerequisite for admission to Japanese universities. It demonstrates a candidate's readiness for higher education, ensuring that students entering Japanese institutions possess the necessary academic foundation. Additionally, a strong EJU performance may enhance scholarship opportunities, providing financial support for international students pursuing their educational goals in Japan.


  • The EJU is typically divided into two categories: the Standardized Test and the Japan and the World Test. The Standardized Test assesses language proficiency and academic skills in subjects like mathematics, science, and Japan studies. The Japan and the World Test evaluates knowledge of Japan, the social sciences, and contemporary global issues. This dual structure ensures a well-rounded evaluation of the candidates' abilities.


  • The EJU is designed to be accessible to a diverse group of international students. It accommodates individuals with different academic backgrounds, allowing them to showcase their unique strengths. This inclusivity enhances the diversity within Japanese universities, fostering an enriching academic environment.


  • The program is tailored for high school students, specifically those in between Grade 8 to Grade 12, who wish to gradually prepare for the Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU) with the goal of pursuing undergraduate studies in a Japanese university upon completing Grade 12. By dedicating a few planned hours each day from Grade 8 onwards, students can begin connecting the essential dots required for admission to Japanese universities. Recognized for their high global rankings, Japanese universities provide excellent programs for lifelong learning.

    The Japan Education Center And Information extends a preparatory program for high school students in India, enabling them to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the EJU program. This preparatory initiative is open to students ranging from Grade 8 to Grade 12.


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