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Internship Program for indian students

Industry-supported internship program by JECI is designed to provide students or recent graduates with valuable hands-on experience and exposure within specific industries that operates business between Japan and India. This type of internship program is typically established through collaboration between JECI with different companies and its industry partners.

What benefits can students derive from participating in the internship program?

Point I

The primary objective of an industry-supported internship program by JECI is to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world work experience. It allows interns to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, while also gaining industry-specific skills, insights, and networks.

Point 2

JECI's Industry partners play a crucial role in supporting these internship programs by providing meaningful work assignments, mentoring, and guidance to the interns. Through these collaborations, students can gain exposure to the industry's operations, work culture, and professional practices. This internship program model benefits both students and industry partners, as it helps develop a skilled and job-ready talent pool while creating a pipeline of potential future employees for the industry.

Point 3

Industry-supported internship programs by JECI include opportunities for internships to work on real-world projects alongside professionals. This hands-on experience allows interns to develop their technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork.

 Point 4

Overall, an industry-supported internship program helps bridge the gap between academia and professional work environments, empowering students with industry-relevant skills and enhancing their employability. It also nurtures collaboration and partnership between educational institutions and industry, promoting mutually beneficial relationships and fostering industry growth and development.

Eligibility Criteria:

General Applicants

1. An applicant currently enrolled in a JLPT N3 course or its equivalent at a Japanese language institute or in possession of a JLPT N3 certification.

2. A graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university.

Skilled Applicants

1. Applicants currently undergoing vocational skill training in the following trades are encouraged to apply. With the exception of few trades, proficiency in the Japanese language is not essential in most of the trades.

¤ Cultivation agriculture ¤ Livestock agriculture ¤ Fishing boat fisheries ¤ Aquaculture ¤ Well drilling ¤ Building sheet metal work ¤ Freezing and air conditioning apparatus installing ¤ Fixture making ¤ Carpentry ¤ Frame working ¤ Reinforcing bar construction ¤ Scaffolding ¤ Building stone construction ¤ Tiling ¤ Tile roofing ¤ Plastering ¤ Plumbing ¤ Heat insulation ¤ Interior finishing ¤ Sash setting ¤ Waterproofing ¤ Concrete pressure feeding ¤ Well point construction ¤ Paper hanging ¤ Application of construction equipment ¤ Furnace installation ¤ Can seaming for canned foods ¤ Poultry processing industry ¤ Marine Heated fishery processed foodstuff manufacturing work ¤ Non-heated fishery processed foodstuff manufacturing work ¤ Fish paste making ¤ Beef and pork processing industry ¤ Ham, sausage and bacon making ¤ Bread Baking ¤ Ready-made meal manufacturing work ¤ Spinning operation ¤ Weaving operation ¤ Dyeing ¤ Knit goods manufacturing ¤ Warp knitted fabrics manufacturing ¤ Ladies’ and children’s dress making ¤ Tailoring men’s suit making ¤ Underwear manufacturing ¤ Bedclothes making ¤ Carpet manufacturing ¤ Canvas product making ¤ Cloth sewing ¤ Seat product sewing ¤ Casting ¤ Forging ¤ Die casting ¤ Machining ¤ Metal press ¤ Iron work ¤ Factory sheet metal work ¤ Electroplating ¤ Aluminium anodizing ¤ Finishing ¤ Machine inspection ¤ Machine maintenance ¤ Electronic equipment assembling ¤ Electric equipment assembling ¤ Print wiring board manufacturing ¤ Furniture making ¤ Printing ¤ Book binding ¤ Plastic moulding ¤ Reinforced plastic moulding ¤Painting ¤ Welding ¤ Industrial packaging ¤ Carton box and corrugated card board box making ¤ Industrial manufacturing of pottery ¤ Automobile repair and maintenance ¤ Building cleaning management ¤ Care worker ¤ Airport ground handling.


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